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Virtual Student Symposium

Call for Student Abstracts

Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday, August 21st , 12:00 am (Midnight)

Students, did you miss presenting at a conference this year because of COVID-19? Be a
part of the first ever Eastern Analytical Symposium September Virtual Student Symposium
(EAS-SVSS) by submitting an abstract and presenting your research to other students and
analytical chemistry experts!

Our virtual symposium will take place on Monday, September 14th
on Zoom from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. A 1-hour networking event will take place immediately after
the final presentation. Presentations must be 10-15 minutes (plus a 5-10 minute Q&A) with
slides or a poster as acceptable formats. Registration for this event is free and all presenting
students and full-time students will be automatically preregistered to attend the 2020 Eastern Analytical Virtual Symposium & Exposition held this November! 

To submit an abstract (250 word max), click here. 

To register, sign up here

For any questions or comments, contact the EAS Executive Secretary, Bernadette Taylor at