General Info | Virtual EAS

Welcome to the Virtual EAS!

Starting Monday, November 16th, registered users will be able to access all of the features of our Virtual Event!

All EAS in-person meeting favorites, invited talks from academia and industry experts, contributed presentations from attendees showcasing their recent research achievements, the exposition of latest technologies and products, etc., will be available at the virtual event. Furthermore, without the limitation of a physical venue, all the presentations in the technical program will be made available on-demand for an extended period of time following the 2020 Virtual EAS & Expo. This will allow our attendees to watch presentations at a time that fits best into their schedule.

The technical presentations will be offered in one of the following formats:

  • Live sessions: Pre-recorded presentations will be broadcast at a scheduled time followed by a real-time live Q&A with session presenters. All the pre-recorded presentations will be available for the extended period for on-demand viewing.
  • On-Demand sessions: Pre-recorded presentations will be available for viewing at the event and during the extended viewing period afterwards.   
  • Poster sessions: The posters will be available for viewing at the event and during the extended viewing period afterwards.

Attendees will have opportunities to engage in discussion with the presenters via the virtual platform.

We are planning on offering our most popular short courses over a period of several weeks this Fall to give attendees ample opportunities to attend one or more short course(s) with minimal impact to their work schedule.  The short courses will be presented via a video conference platform, allowing for interactions with our all-star instructors in real-time.

A virtual Exhibition Hall will provide opportunities to browse for products and interact with exhibitors.  Attendees will be able to view online product showcases, demo videos, brochures, press releases, and engage in live chats with exhibitor booth personnel.

Registration for the 2020 EAS includes all the live features and more during the actual symposium as well as on-demand access to the full technical program after the meeting dates. The virtual platform will allow attendees from around the world to access presentations, visit virtual booths, and network with fellow attendees from their computers, phones, or tablets. In the light of this challenging time, we have tried our best to keep registration fees at a minimum; full time students will be able to attend the symposium at no cost.

Judy Lin
2020 EAS President