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2022 EAS Award for Outstanding Achievements in Vibrational Spectroscopy

Dr. Richard Crocombe graduated from Oxford University (BA, MA, chemistry) and the University of Southampton (PhD, chemistry & spectroscopy) in the UK.  His thesis work involved classical infrared and Raman studies of small inorganic molecules, including matrix-isolation and isotopic substitution.

He moved to the US, initially for a postdoctoral fellowship, working on early applications of FT-IR including time-resolved spectroscopy and GC-IR, as well as infrared laser photolysis. He then joined Digilab (Bio-Rad) working on laboratory FT-IR instrumentation.  He held numerous positions at Digilab over the years, but concentrated on product, software and applications development, including step-scan FT-IR applications, and spectroscopic imaging using two-dimensional focalplane array detectors. Following that, he had positions at Axsun Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and finally PerkinElmer, concentrating on miniature, portable and handheld spectroscopic instruments, their development and applications. These spanned the range from NIR, XRF, Raman, FT-IR to GC-MS. In 2017 he left the corporate world to set up his own consulting company, helping to commercialize new miniature spectroscopic technologies.

He has been a co-chair of SPIE’s ‘Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies’ conference for over ten years, and is an SPIE Senior Member.  He was selected for the Williams-Wright Award for Industrial Spectroscopy in 2012, is a Fellow of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, and was President of the Society in 2020.

He has published extensively on the technologies and applications for miniature and portable spectrometers, including a comprehensive review article in Applied Spectroscopy in 2018.  Richard Crocombe, Pauline Leary and Brooke Kammrath are the joint editors of the two-volume book, ‘Portable Spectroscopy and Spectrometry’, published by John Wiley in April 2021.