E21-35: Headspace-Gas Chromatography Fundamentals, Method Development and Method Transfer

One-Day Course 
Wednesday, November 17; 8:30am – 5:00pm

Dr. Matthew S Klee, XO Associates LLC, Northborough, MA

This course is aimed at providing a working knowledge of how gas chromatography (GC) headspace samplers work, the differences between the various headspace samplers in common use, how method setpoint parameters affect performance, repeatability, and reproducibility.

This course is oriented to current headspace-GC users as well as lab supervisors responsible to ensure established methods are properly implemented. Fundamental physical and mechanical processes will be presented in a way that will help users be more comfortable and effective in operating and maintaining their instruments and in transferring legacy methods on newer instrumentation.


  1. Principles of Headspace Sampling
  2. General Headspace Designs
    a. Pressure balanced
    b. Valve/loop
  3. Interfacing Approaches and the Impact on Performance
  4. General Method Parameters and how they Impact Results
    a. Temperature
    b. Pressure
    c. Timing
  5. Changes in HS Designs Over Time and how the Changes can Affect Results
    a. Automation
    b. Inertness
    c. Loop pressure control
  6. Best Practices that Maximize Ruggedness and Repeatability
  7. Method Transfer between Different Instruments
    a. Dealing with differences

Dr. Matthew S. Klee
, PhD, is an internationally recognized analytical instrumentation expert, scientist, inventor, and author. He is considered one of the leading authorities in the areas of GC and GC-MS instrumental analysis. In addition, Dr. Klee is renowned for the quality and relevance of his live, on-line, and on-demand technical courses and presentations and has been a regular presenter of GC and GC-MS related short courses at PittCon.