E23-19: Practical Raman Microscopy

One-Day Course:
Tuesday, Nov. 14; 8:30am – 5:00pm

Alexander Rzhevskii, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tewksbury, MA

The purpose of this course is to familiarize a wide circle of engineers and researchers with the fundamentals and applications of modern Raman microscopy including confocal Raman imaging. The basics of Raman spectroscopy, instrumentation, principles of operation, and the main characteristics of Raman spectrometers and microscopes will be presented in the course. Examples of the application of Raman microscopy for the characterization of spatial structure, composition, and properties of “real world” samples and objects with the emphasis on polymer, pharmaceutical, biological cosmetic, foodstuff, and plant analytical studies will be provided. A hands-on demonstration of a Raman microscope will follow the lecture. Bring your challenging samples and uncover their composition and structure!

This course is intended for a wide circle of experimenters from a diversity of disciplines and different backgrounds, who are using or intending to use Raman spectroscopy in their analytical work. The course will be beneficial for novice Raman spectroscopy users and serve as a reference and systemizing resource for spectroscopists with the background in vibrational spectroscopy. 

  1. Basics of Raman Spectroscopy
    a. Fundamentals of Raman scattering and Raman spectroscopy
    b. Benefits of Raman spectroscopy
    c. The effect of fluorescence and how it interferes with Raman spectra
  2. Raman Techniques and Instrumentation
    a. Major components of Raman spectrometers and microscopes
    b. The role of confocal aperture and spatial resolution in Raman microscopy
    c. Selecting appropriate laser (excitation wavelength), detectors, and diffraction gratings
  3. Practical Applications of Raman Spectroscopy, Microscopy and Imaging
    a. Polymer composites and laminates
    b. Pharmaceutical dosage forms and formulations
    c. Biological cells, bacteria, and tissues
    d. Cosmetic, food products and plants

Dr. Alexander Rzhevskii
is a senior Raman application scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific. He is an expert in Raman and FTIR spectroscopy, microscopy, and spectrochemical imaging. He is an author of “Modern Raman Microscopy: Technique and Practice” book published by Cambridge Scholar Publishing in 2021. For more than 30 years, he has provided technical support, consulting, and training to the users of high-end Raman and FTIR instruments.