E24: How to Deliver a Winning Technical Presentation

Two-Day Course
Date to be Announced; 8:30am – 5:00pm

Dottie Li, TransPacific Communications, Cheverly, MD

America’s number 1 fear is public speaking. This 2-day short course teaches participants how to defeat that fear by learning how to control stage fright, organize any type of scientific and technical presentation/remarks, how to open and close and many other practical tips. For those who are foreign born, help is on the way as well in terms of speaking clearer to minimize communication barriers.  Dottie Li (a former VOA broadcaster and network television producer) will enhance your understanding of message delivery and improve your ability to become better presenters both professionally and personally. Participants will learn to improve skills and instill tools to overcome day to day communication obstacles,

Scientists, researchers, reviewers, technicians, lab managers, STEM professionals who wish to have more clarity and power in their presentation. It will benefit scientists from college graduates to professionals in the analytical field.

  1. Introduction and Overview
    a. Your Elevator Speech
    b. Determining Desired Results
    c. Designing a Winning Presentation
    d. Delivering a Winning Presentation
  2. Determining your Presentation’s Desired Results. Communicating to your Audience from their Perspective
    a. Sell
    b. Convince
    c. Teach
    d. Report
  3. Designing a Winning Scientific Presentation
    a. The Golden Rule of Making a Presentation
    b. 7 Ways to Organize Your Presentation
    c. 6 Ways to Begin Dynamically
    d. 6 Ways Not to Begin Your Speech
    e. 3 Ways to End Your Speech with Power
    f. 4 Ways Not to End Your Speech
  4. Delivering Your Presentation with Power and Comfort
    a. 4 Modes of Delivery
    b. 8 Vocal Aspects of Delivery
    c. 8 Non-Verbal Aspects of Delivery
    – Posture
    – Eye Contact
    – Facial Expression
    – Bodily Actions
    – Gestures
    – Walking
    – Use of Space
    – Clothing and Personal Appearance
    d. Impact Your Presentation
    e. 7 Steps to Controlling Stage Fright
    f. Rehearsal

Dottie Li is a successful cross-cultural communication strategist, keynote speaker and coach, designing & providing media training and cross-cultural communication coaching. She has conducted numerous seminars, workshops & presentations on the importance of effective communication.   Her work has been featured on NPR, China Daily and many other media outlets. She is a certified trainer and coach on accent modification and reduction. Her voice can be heard by millions as the Voice and Voice Coach of Rosetta Stone’s Mandarin products.  An important part of her mission with Transpacific Communications is helping to break down cultural and communication barriers in the workplace, ensuring that talented individuals (especially non-native English professionals) fulfill their promise. This simultaneously assists these government and private organizations to fulfill their mission by improving employee performance.  As founder and CEO of TransPacific Communications, she has designed many cross-cultural communication topics that support non-native English professionals to advance their careers to achieve full potential.  Dottie was a newspaper reporter before moving to the U.S. from China in the 80s. Her background includes 5 years as a producer at C-SPAN, a corporate spokesperson, public relations executive, communications chief for large non-profit organizations, and staff for the Clinton White House. Dottie was awarded a Mandarin Leader in America in 2018 and one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women in both 2020 and 2015 by the Daily Record. She received the “Best Cross-Cultural Communicator of the Year” title in 2013 by the MWMCA. Dottie is a graduate of Hefei College in her home country China and the University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama.