2015 New York Section of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy Gold Medal Award

Dr. John A. Reffner John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Dr. John A. Reffner
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Dr. John A. Reffner is currently a Professor of forensic science at John Jay College, CUNY in New York, NY.  His scientific interests are focused on uniting microscopy with spectroscopy and applying novel technologies to advancing materials and forensic science.  He pioneered the development of infrared micro-spectrometers, accessories and innovative applications infrared microprobe technology. Dr Reffner’s scientific accomplishments are recognized by his receiving the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Paul L. Kirk Award (2004), the New York Microscopical Society’s, Abbe Memorial Award (2002), the Georgia Microscopical Society’s, Honorary Achievement Award (2002), the Coblentz Society’s Williams-Wright Award (2000), and the Illinois State Microscopical Society, Emile M. Chamot Award (1993). In 2011, Dr. Reffner received a Fellows Award by the Society of Applied Spectroscopy.  He authored more than 80 papers, four book chapters and is the inventor on ten patents.  He served as a consultant to the Connecticut State Police for over twenty-five years, and testified as an expert witness in criminal, civil and patent litigations.