2022 EAS Pet Mascot Competition

We are now accepting submissions to the EAS 2022 Pet Mascot Competition!

What is this competition, you may ask? This is a chance for your pet (yes, yours is obviously the cutest pet in the world) to be the face of Eastern Analytical Symposium from June 2022 – June 2023. This means your pet’s face could show up on our social media posts, promotional material at the November Exposition & Symposium, email blasts, and possibly even EAS 2022 merch!

The competition works a little like this:

1) You submit a photo of your pet, their name, and a brief paragraph telling us about their interests, hobbies, and possibly a campaign statement to celanicp@eas.org (submission open April 4th – April 30th 2022)

2) We compile submissions and turn them into a March Madness-style 1 vs. 1 bracket, where voting begins May 1st 2022.

3) Each day of May, we share photos of 2 pets who will be competing against one another with their respective bios.

4) You then vote on your favorite pet and encourage your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers, and more to also vote for the pet you want to see win. Votes come in 3 forms: likes/reactions, comments, and shares for a total of 3 votes per person per day (1 reaction, 1 comment, & 1 share will be counted) and span all our social media platforms.

5) After 24 hours elapses from the time head-to-head matchup is posted, the votes are tallied and the pet with the higher votes moves on to the next position in the bracket.

6) This process repeats until we’ve crowned a winner, the NEW PET MASCOT of EAS 2022! (clearly, this will be your pet, because, once again, they’re the best)

7) The winner then works with the Student Representatives (Caelin Celani, celanicp@eas.org & Lasangi Dhanapala, lasangi.dhanapala@uconn.edu) to determine how to best highlight their pet in the coming year!

Here are the previous winners:

2020, Patsy Zangari (aka Albork Einstein)

2021, Elektra Neverovich

Elektra also has a full photo album, for your viewing pleasure!