American Microchemical Society Benedetti-Pichler Award

Session Date:  Monday, November 18, in the morning session
Presentation Title:   Punctuated Microgradients for Bioanalysis

Dr. Mark Hayes

Dr. Mark A. Hayes holds an Associate Professorship in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Arizona State University, where he serves as an active researcher, mentor, teacher and colleague. His academic career has produced significant results across several disciplines within the analytical and physical chemistry community that includes aspects of engineering, physics, biology and medicine. While contributing to the knowledge base, Mark has energetically and creatively supported the wider profession at local, regional, national and international levels.He initially worked in private industry at a ‘mom & pop’ analytical laboratory and at J&W Scientific capillary gas chromatography column manufacturer (now part of Agilent) after earning his undergraduate degree at Humboldt State University (California). He then entered graduate school at Penn State University and studied under Professor Andrew G. Ewing, developing electroosmotic flow control mechanisms by an applied orthogonal field to refine the separations in small diameter capillaries and helped develop a time-of-flight mass spectrometer aimed at improving sensitivity allowing compatibility to other electrochemical and fluorescent measurements being performed on neurochemical systems. Postdoctoral studies were with Dr. Werner Kuhr at the University of California, Riverside focused on attaching enzymes directly to electrochemical probes to transduce non-electroactive targets to species which can be sensed via electron transfer.

Dr. Hayes has contributed to several different research areas, ranging from creating bionanotubules from liposomes with electric fields to establishing a framework for vastly improved microscale array-based separations in more than seventy publications and book chapters. He has served on review panels for NIH, NSF, DOE, RSC, NAS, DOJ, GRE, DARPA, private industry, local (Mayo Clinic), and Romanian & Czech scientific and contributed peer review efforts to twenty-five journals, including Analytical Chemistry, The Journal of the American Chemical Society, Nature, Langmuir and The Royal Society. He has served as Program Chair, Governing Board Chair, Long Range Planning Chair and Marketing Chair for Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) over a several-year period of time and was instrumental in altering the management structure and changing the name of the North American meeting to SciX Conference. He was recently elected President (starting in 2013) of AES Electrophoresis Society and recently was named to the editorial board of Electrophoresis and was a finalist for the FACSS Innovation Award. He has mentored fifty undergraduate and graduate students, producing thirteen doctorates while supporting them with research funds and prestigious fellowships (NSF, Kirkbright, ACS, Fulbright, FLAS and local awards).