Thank you from the EAS President

On behalf of the EAS Governing Board, I thank the attendees, exhibitors, presenters, instructors, sponsors, and volunteers of the 54th Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exposition.  From the feedback I’ve received, the 2015 EAS was well received.  The plenary lecture by Nobel Laureate Professor Kurt Wüthrich was inspiring and I was touched that Prof. Wüthrich stayed with us to take part in other EAS activities and events.  All presentations, from posters to invited oral sessions, were stimulating.  The enthusiasm and energy of participants kept the level of engagement high.

To show you how dedicated the members of the EAS family are, I mention this incident.  One exhibitor that was to give an oral presentation had a medical emergency and was admitted to hospital after he arrived in Somerset over the weekend. However, he checked himself out of the hospital Monday morning, still wearing a hospital wristband, to attend his session and the whole conference.  It is this level of dedication that makes EAS a great conference.  

EAS exists for one mission, to provide a venue for cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing and career development and networking.  To help us better serve the analytical community, please share your experiences and photos of the 2015 EAS on LinkedIn and Facebook and other media.  I look forward to seeing you at the 2016 EAS!

Oscar Liu, PhD
2015 EAS President