E21-36: Safety in the Laboratory

One-Day Course
Wednesday, November 17; 8:30am – 5:00pm

Dr. James A. Kaufman, Laboratory Safety Institute, Natick, MA

An intensive one-day seminar covering the fundamentals of lab safety and effective lab safety programs.  Covers scope of the problem, accidents, legal aspects, emergency planning, chemical handling, chemical storage, biological and animal hazards, eye and face protection, chemical disposal, electrical safety, and safety program planning.  This seminar is intended for industrial, government, medical, and post-secondary academic institutions.

EHS staff and managers, lab supervisors, lab managers, lab workers, lab technicians, scientists, science educators, science faculty, staff, teachers, risk managers, chemical hygiene officers, safety/security directors, facilities directors/managers; anyone wanting a better safety program.



  1. Movie: “Eye and Face Protection”
  2. Introduction/three Cs of Safety
  3. Scope of the Problem
  4. Accidents
  5. Legal Aspects
  6. Activity: Planning for Emergencies
  7. Chemical Handling & Storage
  8. Biological and Animal Hazards
  9. Eye and Face Protection
  10. Disposal of Chemicals
  11. Activity: Your Most Serious Problem
  12. Electrical Safety
  13. Planning Your Safety Program
  14. Movie “Safety, Isn’t It Worth It?”
  15. Safety Information Resources
  16. Questions and Answers
  17. Lab safety forum: Informal roundtable discussions for interested participants



Dr. James Kaufman is Founder and President Emeritus of The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI).  He received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Tufts University and his doctorate in organic chemistry from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

After two years as a post-doctoral fellow in the WPI Chemical Engineering Department, Dr. Kaufman joined the Dow Chemical Company. At Dow, he became increasingly involved in laboratory safety.  He authored “Laboratory Safety Guidelines”.  Originally distributed by Dow, now over six million copies (in 22 languages) of the widely requested and reprinted brochure are in circulation.

The Laboratory Safety Institute is an international, non-profit center for safety in science and science education.  LSI’s lectures and courses, AV-lending library, Mini-Grants, Internet discussion list, and publications help both academic and non-academic institutions in 30 countries and 135 types of labs throughout the world.  Over 100,000 scientists and science educators have attended these courses and presentations.

LSI conducts seminars, short courses, webinars, program audits, and facilities inspections for schools, colleges, and companies.  They also provide advice on regulatory compliance, safety program development, facilities inspections with written reports, facilities design, editorial commentary on laboratory texts, and expert witness testimony.

Dr. Kaufman is a former member of the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Council Committee on Chemical Safety and is past-chairman of the ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety.  He is the author-narrator of the ACS Audio Course on Laboratory Safety and editor of “Waste Disposal at Academic Institutions” from Lewis Publishers.  He recorded and edited the “One-Day Laboratory Safety Audio Seminar” and “Two-Day Lab Safety Video Course.”  He is a co-authored of “Safety Is Elementary: the new standard for safety in the elementary science classroom”.  Most recently, he recorded online distance learning courses for those who are “Remotely Interested” ™ lab safety.