E16-28: CounterCurrent Chromatography (CCC)

One-Day Course 
Wednesday, November 16, 8:30am – 5:00pm

Mr. Gary Yanik, PDR-Separations, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Mr. Dave Thornton, GlaxoSmithKline, King of Prussia, PA 
Mr. Guy Harris, Dynamic Extractions, Tredegar, Wales

CounterCurrent Chromatography (CCC) is a liquid-liquid preparatory separation technique which offers advantages compared to packed column techniques such as HPLC and SFC. But applications have been limited by a general lack of familiarity among chromatographers as well as ambiguous and labor-intensive method development. Lately the availability of more robust instrumentation has led to a growing awareness in industry of the advantages CCC has to offer. This course will teach basic principles, automation techniques, and applications. Hand-Outs will include a list of references for further study. The course will end with a panel discussion encouraging questions from the audience.

This one-day course will benefit separation scientists and lab managers who are interested in expanding the scope of their preparatory chromatography capabilities and who are struggling with the limitations of packed-column techniques.

1. Basic Principles: Theory and Mechanism
     * Solvent systems (aka – “the column”)
     * Distribution Ratio 
     * Retaining a liquid stationary phase
     * Solvent system selection
     * Method Development
     * Benefits

2. Automation
     * Hardware and system configuration
     * Software
     * Procedures
     * Continuous operation

3. Applications and Examples
     * Benefits
     * Case studies
     * Typical operation

4. Scaleup
     * Method optimization
     * Examples

5. Advanced Operational Modes
     * pH zone refining
     * Displacement and ion-exchange

6. Panel Discussion
     * All 3 Instructors
     * Audience questions/participation

Gary W Yanik: is an internationally recognized expert in automating chromatographic applications and procedures as well as design, development, and manufacturing of instruments, detectors, and software. He has 50 years of successful product development in a variety of advanced scientific fields including: measuring “g-factor” of positrons at he University of Michigan; photon-counting/imaging spectrophotometers and polarimeters for characterizing galaxies and expansion of the Universe at Hale Observatories; multi-sensor suites for search, acquisition, tracking, and kill assessment (SATKA) of ballistic missiles (SDI) at Hughes; laser radar guidance systems for cruise missiles at United Technologies; and software, laser polarimeters, fiber optic photodiode array detectors, eluent mixers, injectors, collectors, etc. for chromatography applications at PDR.

David Thornton: has 30 years chromatography experience in the pharmaceutical industry: analytical method development for HPLC/GC/IEC; implemented unique chiral GC screening system for rapid method development; led pilot plant scale HPLC prep chromatography campaigns; led implementation of CCC screening system as a tool to accelerate process development and methods transfer to 1L scale.

Guy Harris: is an internationally known expert in the application of countercurrent chromatography to natural product and pharmaceutical applications. He has 30+ years of experience in natural product purification, 22 years’ experience in pharmaceutical natural products chemistry, bioassay-guided isolation, and scale up. Currently independent scientific adviser to Dynamic Extractions. Over seven years of experience providing support and technical assistance to current and prospective Dynamic Extractions customers.