E20-10: Raman Microscopy Imaging

Monday, Oct. 26 – Tuesday, Oct. 27; 10:00am – 2:30pm

Dr. Carlos Morillo, JASCO Inc., Easton, MD

This course will cover the fundamentals of Raman spectroscopy. The background and principals of Raman microscopy, technology and instruments. Selection of laser, grating and detectors based on samples and mapping options. Application and solutions for biological samples, fluorescent samples, particle and powder samples, advantages of Raman microscopy and chemometrics to create Raman mapping images.

Chemists, research scientists, students and QA/QC engineers.

  1. Raman Effect
  2. Molecular Vibrations
  3. Raman Spectrum
  4. Vibrational Spectroscopy
  5. Raman spectrograph
  6. Grating
  7. Detectors
  8. Lasers
  9. Raman Sampling Advantages
  10. Spectroscopy Applications
  11. Polymorphism<
  12. Analysis of Carbonaceous Materials
  13. Polymer Analysis
  14. Gemology
  15. Semiconductor
  16. Confocal Microscopy
  17. Raman Probe
  18. Fourier Transform Raman
  19. Observation Modes
  20. Data Analysis and Data Processing

Dr. Carlos Morillo comes to JASCO from University of Maryland where he was most recently a Research Scientist with the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering, prior to this position he was a Post Doc at Advanced Industrial Science & Technology in Fukuoka and a Research Scientist at Kyushu University both in Japan where he lived for several years. Carlos received his Doctor of Engineering from Kyushu University and his Masters and BS from Simon Bolivar University in Caracas Venezuela.