E240: The Fundamentals of Laboratory Management – Managing People

One-Day Course:
Date to be announced; 8:30am – 5:00pm

Dr. Scott Hanton, Lab Manager, South Lyon, MI

Effective lab management requires a wide variety of non-technical skills and competencies. Most lab managers are experienced scientists who must learn the leadership and management skills on the fly. Much of the work of lab management is around interacting with staff, effective communication, listening, and evaluating performance. It is vital for lab leaders to develop the people skills required in the role. This short course is intended to cover important topics, including people leadership, people management, performance management, effective advocating for the lab, and recruiting & hiring.

Anyone who currently has a leadership or management role in the lab, or would like to work towards such a role. The course will be especially beneficial for leaders new to the role, but will also have importance for more experienced leaders, especially those who are self-taught.

  1. Creating an Environment of Success
  2. Roles, Responsibilities and SMART Objectives
  3. Performance Reviews
  4. PIP and Development Plans
  5. Writing a Business Case
  6. Recruiting and Hiring
  7. Onboarding and Training
  8. Leadership Basics
  9. Leadership Challenges
  10. Leadership Actions

Scott Hanton
is the Editorial Director of Lab Manager. He spent 30 years as an industrial chemist and business leader. He had roles of general manager, laboratory operations manager, and chief scientist for Intertek Allentown. Previously had roles of research scientist, laboratory supervisor, and section manager at Air Products & Chemicals. Through these different roles, Scott developed expertise in analytical characterization, people leadership, and business management.  He earned a BS in chemistry from Michigan State University and a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Scott is an active member of ACS, ASMS, and ALMA.