E23-30: ABC to PMP: A Project Management Crash Course

One-Day Course
Wednesday, Nov. 15; 8:30am – 5:00pm
Luisa Profeta

Project management – a term invoking both excitement and loathing to the experienced professional but to the unfamiliar, it might as well be a second language for a freshly minted scientist venturing out into the world.  For the average scientist, the fundamentals of project management are not found anywhere in their undergraduate or graduate level schooling, despite project management being used throughout scientific disciplines. Learning further about project management early in one’s career (or even a little later on) can help scientists understand the nuances to formal project management within their chosen discipline.

This course is not a substitute for formal project management training towards a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification but aims to provide a day of learning for attendees to understand how project management fundamentals influence all scientists in modern disciplines.  Attendees should leave the course having a firmer understanding of the influences of project management within all realms of scientific work.