E23: Introduction to Infrared, Raman and Near Infrared Spectroscopy

One Day Course
Dates to be announced; 8:30am – 5:00pm
Dr. Jim de Haseth, Light Light Solutions

This course will present the origins of spectral bands in Infrared, Raman, and NIR spectra. This will start with a discussion of fundamental molecular vibrations and where these are present in mid-infrared and Raman spectra and explain how overtone and combination bands can appear in the NIR as well as in mid-infrared and Raman spectra. Some direct guidelines will be presented to show which transitions are allowed. This will not be a theoretical discussion that involves mathematics or quantum mechanics, but rather an understanding of the physical phenomena that led to the development of the mathematical approaches. A key issue to the collection of good spectra is an understanding how spectrometers work. Such topics include instrument components, resolution, spectral range, measurement sensitivity, instrumental effects on spectral lineshape, instrument sources of errors, and effects of mathematical manipulation of spectra.