2013 EAS Award for Outstanding Achievements in Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Susan Foulk

Session Date:  Wednesday, November 20, in the morning session
Presentation TitleOnline Implementation of NIR – Lessons Learned (or not)
Sponsored by Metrohm USA

Susan Foulk is currently the President of Guided Wave, Inc. in Rancho Cordova, California.   She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from The University of Florida, Gainesville.  During her undergraduate years she worked on developing spectroscopic methods to identify the geographical origin of orange juice through Dr. James D. Winefordner’s research group.  She received her Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry from The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill working in Dr. Thomas Isenhour’s research group.  Her thesis work focused on data compression methods for mass spectral search systems.

Susan has worked for Guided Wave since 1987 in a variety of positions.  Guided Wave (an Advanced Company) specializes in the design and manufacture of on-line NIR and UV/Vis optical measurement systems for process analytical chemistry. Her work in the early years was focused on process application development for near-infrared spectroscopy utilizing multivariate calibration methodology.  She played a key role in the introduction of Guided Wave’s SpectrOn refinery monitoring product line, which incorporated near-infrared spectroscopy and multivariate calibration for refinery applications.  Her positions at Guided Wave have included: Application Programmer, Application Scientist, Chemometrician, Engineering Manager, VP of Operations, and now President.  She has participated in various ASTM committee efforts related to the incorporation of NIR spectroscopy as a standard process method in various industries.  She has served as treasurer of the Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy (CNIRS) and is a member of the CNIRS governing board.  She has also worked in support of the International Diffuse Reflectance Conference (IDRC-Chambersburg) for many years.

Before joining Guided Wave she held positions as a project manager for EDS (laboratory automation), scientific programmer for IBM Instruments (FT-IR), and laboratory supervisor for Stauffer Chemical (chromatography).  She has numerous publications and invited presentations at national and international conferences.