Speed Mentee/Mentor Sessions at EAS

This year the Coblentz Society is bringing their Speed Mentoring event to EAS!

What is speed mentoring you ask?  Speed Mentoring is a fun, fast paced session that enables a structured interaction with a dozen or more Analytical Chemists with different specialties from various industries, academia, and government labs that enable the mentees to get an understanding of what it’s like to work in those areas.

How does it work?  Mentees and Mentors need to sign up for the speed session in advance so we can get a number of people that are participating (spots are limited).  If you sign up you get a free lunch at the session.  We need professionals with various technical disciplines and from various industries, academia, and government labs to sign up as mentors.  Graduate students and young professionals who are interested in finding out more about working in the various areas of chemistry also need to sign up.

  • Monday, November 13 from 11:45am – 1:15pm
  • We start with a quick lunch and explanation of the process
  • Mentors and mentees take seats facing one another
  • Mentors start by introducing themselves, what their specialty (FTIR, NMR…), what industry etc., key jobs
  • Mentees respond with their University, thesis area and begin asking questions
  • A five-minute discussion ensues enabling mentees to learn about possible career avenues
  • After 5 minutes mentees rotate a seat and the process starts up again.

These interactions can be the basis of an ongoing mentoring relationship session if that is of interest and is a wonderful networking opportunity for job hunting or just getting a better understanding of life in the various industries, government labs or academic institutions.  It’s also a way for chemists to give back to the community by sharing your experiences.  Mentors and Mentees must register for the Eastern Analytical Symposium & Exposition here.  Part of the online registration process you will need to respond to the question asking if you want to be a mentor or a mentee. The Speed Session will be offered on Monday, November 13th from 11:45am – 1:15pm.  Space is limited and we encourage you to register in advance.  Mentors and mentees must sign up during the online registration process for the symposium.