Workshop Tuesday, November 19

Subliminal Communication Skills for Scientific Professionals:
How to get your boss to agree with you
Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon
Donald Truss, Exec Director, Students 2 Science Inc, East Hanover, NJ

This workshop will help you communicate better and win agreements by its insights into the decision-making process of your boss or co-worker. You will learn about making the other person more comfortable with and receptive of what you say.

When you advocate a change or negotiate an agreement–when you persuade–it’s not just the technical facts and working out a compromise. Here’s how to listen for the background message, use patience and timing, and present your case as effectively as possible. This workshop will improve your ability to communicate effectively. Perhaps you will even form closer friendships at work!

The speaker has long experience, not only as an analytical chemist and science educator, but also as a sales manager and communications trainer. He has borrowed from leaders such as Stephen Covey and Dale Carnegie.

This workshop is aimed at professionals of all disciplines who work where communication of all types–exposition, training, presentation, negotiation and persuasion–is part of the job, and a key to success.

1. Your Boss’s or Co-Worker’s Decision-Making Process:
     * Understanding what the other person is feeling during a conversation
     * The other person’s extraneous factors: their past history, attitude, and body language
2. Being Listened To:
     * How to make the other person feel comfortable, and why it’s important
     * What makes your co-worker more likely to hear and understand your position
3. More Successful Negotiations:
     * Obtaining agreement is much more than a matching of the details
     * Using patience and timing to increase your probability of success
     * Presenting your case so the other person will understand and remember

Donald Truss is Co-Founder and  Executive Director, Students 2 Science (S2S), a non-profit corporation. S2S provides an authentic laboratory experience for local Middle School and High School students.

S2S inspires, motivates and educates them to pursue career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The students work in the large, modern S2S chemistry laboratory with local scientists, and operate sophisticated laboratory instruments like spectrophotometers and chromatographs.

Before S2S, Don spent three decades in the field–as President of The Science Registry, an employment agency; executive trainer; entrepreneur; sales manager and analytical chemist. His chemistry degree is from the University of Miami. Don actively communicates in his professional groups in chemistry, regional business development, technology councils, education, and human relations.